Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm baaaa-aaaack.

You probably didn't realize I was gone. That's ok. Just pretend like you missed me.

Anyway, I'm fresh off of a quarter-life crisis induced year of international wanderings. In case you are wondering (again, just pretend), after my postdoc in Brazil, I stayed for a while and did whatever you do on the beach (absolutely nothing) for a few months. Then off to Germany for some climbing, followed by Colombia and Ecuador, and then up to California. Back down to Peru to do the Inca Trail with some buddies, and then a roadtrip around Europe in a rented car. (Sentence fragments aren't bad if you're blogging. Promise.) 

So, in the interest of undoing some of the brain atrophy I've experienced over the last year, expect to see a new post every once in a while.

And in other news, I am moving my blog to my vanity site,

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  1. Interesting article I ran into:

    I always thought the "hot hands" effect was complete bullshit, but maybe it's not so clear...